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Travis Scott Ware is of counsel to the Mike Millsap law firm. (See the text in italics for an explanation of the term “of counsel.”) Travis Ware and Mike Millsap have had a close personal and professional relationship for many years.

Travis Ware was formerly the District Attorney for Lubbock and Crosby Counties in Texas. He was a dynamic and successful prosecutor who personally tried many cases to a victory for the State, including seven death penalty convictions. After leaving office, his prosecutorial skills and knowledge of criminal law translated into a very effective criminal defense practice. Travis Ware has also established a brilliant record in family law litigation, including a large number of jury trials to obtain or defend a divorce and decide property division, child custody, child support, modifications of orders, and contested adoptions. He is an aggressive trial lawyer with a splendid history of success for his clients.

Mike Millsap frequently associates Travis Ware in criminal and family law cases and defers to his expertise in those matters. Likewise, Travis Ware frequently associates Mike Millsap to serve as the principal or lead counsel in personal injury cases. They work together on a daily basis with constant communications and consultation. In those situations Ware and Millsap share fees and the client gets two lawyers for the price of one. Do not hesitate to bring your criminal law case or family law case to Mike Millsap. He and Travis Ware want to be your lawyers!

The definition of "of counsel" was first essayed by the American Bar Association in Formal Op. 330, issued in 1972. Formal Op. 330 advised that a lawyer was "of counsel" to a firm only when the relationship between the lawyer and the firm was "close, continuing, and personal" and when the relationship was not "that of a partner, associate, or outside counsel". MBA Op. 82-10 echoed this view, opining that a lawyer or firm could be properly identified as of counsel to another lawyer or law firm only if there were "continuous and regular dealings that involve the rendering of legal advice by one to the other."

According to ABA Formal Op. 330 and successive informal opinions, a lawyer who was of counsel to a firm should have nearly daily contact with the firm, a law firm could not be of counsel to another law firm, and no lawyer could likely be of counsel to more than two firms.

ABA Formal Op. 90-357 reaffirmed that the "core characteristic" of "of counsel" was "'a close, regular, personal relationship'" but excluding "that of a partner (or its equivalent, a principal of a professional corporation), with the shared liability and/or managerial responsibility implied by that term," and associates, defined as "a junior non-partner lawyer, regularly employed by the firm." The term “of counsel” refers to the description given to an attorney who is not the principal lawyer in charge of a case but who merely contributes his advice on the way it should be handled.

Where “of counsel” follows an attorney's name on a website, letterhead, or office sign, this designation indicates that the person is employed by the firm primarily as a consultant on specialized matters, not as a full-time partner or associate.



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