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Some information about contingency fee contracts between a client and an attorney may be helpful if a person seeking legal assistance is not familiar with these agreements. Mike Millsap and most other personal injury attorneys normally take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.  This means that the client does not pay anything up front to have Mike Millsap handle his or her case.  Mike Millsap will initially pay the costs of litigation out of his pocket.  These include filing fees, deposition fees, investigators, travel expenses, and expert witness fees.  Depending on the case, the costs of litigation can be very substantial.

When the case is won or settled, the personal injury attorney will get his percentage fee AND costs back.  If the case is lost, the attorney and the client get nothing. Contingency fee arrangements work best on meritorious cases in which the client is unable to pay attorneys’ fees out of his or her pocket.

Mike Millsap’s contingency fee percentages will vary according to the difficulty, expense, and nature of the case.  The percentage amount of the fees will also depend upon whether the case is settled, tried, or appealed. Some cases, medical malpractice in Texas for example, will always require the employment of expert witnesses, and the contingency fee percentage will take that into account.  When it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney, the contingency fee should be less of a concern than the attorney’s expertise and experience.

The contingency fee percentage is assessed against the gross recovery or settlement. Mike Millsap’s contingency fee contracts provide that attorneys’ fees are first deducted from the gross amount. Then the case expenses are deducted and reimbursed to Mike Millsap. The recovery of court costs by judgment or agreement can reduce the amount of the case expenses. The balance of the settlement or judgment payment is the client’s portion of the gross amount.

Mike Millsap’s contingency fee contracts or agreements will always be in writing and signed by both the client and Mike Millsap. The client will be provided a copy of the contract and the language of the contract will be clear and understandable. If there are questions, Mike Millsap will make the terms clear.

Contingency fees are a unique and fortunate part of the legal system in the United States.  These contracts give access to justice to those who cannot afford to pay attorney’s fees out of pocket. Unlike other countries, the United States’ contingency fee contract places the best personal injury attorneys within reach of all citizens regardless of social or financial status. Insurance companies, financial institutions, and corporate America in general do not like contingency fee contracts and would like to see them abolished. The reason why is obvious.



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